Did you know that...

drinking water quality is the #1 environmental concern of Americans? 
run-off from roads, parking lots, lawns, and farms is the greatest threat to America's  lakes, rivers, and wetlands? 
most Americans cannot define “watershed?”
most of the northeast's active forest land is in private management?
only 23% of Americans are able to identify run-off as the leading cause of water pollution?
people are two times more likely to believe (incorrectly) that factories are the main source of water pollution than they are to know the correct answer?
90% of respondents to a recent survey regularly engage in at least 6 of 10 activities to protect the environment—saving water, conserving energy, recycling, etc.—with 25% engaging in nine or more of these activities?
over the past six years, support for environmental protection and regulation has remained high and constant, with Americans choosing the environment over the economy four to one?
fully 95% of American adults and 96% of parents support children being taught environmental education in the schools?
only 33% of Americans know that burning fossil fuels is America's primary method for generating electricity, or what impact this has on air quality?
a recent poll showed that 77% of Americans surveyed favor wetlands protection?

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