Text from EPA Environmental Merit Award to the 
Upper Merrimack Monitoring Program

There are two people in northern NH who are more passionate about the little critters that live in rivers than anyone I know is. They are Michele Tremblay and Steve Landry.  

They developed the Upper Merrimack Monitoring Program in Boscawen, NH. Since 1995 they have trained hundreds of volunteers who have participated in the Upper Merrimack Monitoring Program, monitoring the water quality in the Pemigewasset, Winnipesaukee, Contoocook, and Upper Merrimack Rivers. It is one of the most ambitious programs of its kind in New England. River conservationists, municipal officials, anglers, teachers, students, and many others participate in collecting water samples and benthic macroinvertebrate specimens, analyzing macroinvertebrates, and performing other field tasks. In doing this work these volunteers are making a personal connection to the environment and will in this way provide lasting stewardship for the river. Providing critical leadership in training the volunteers are program coordinator Michele Tremblay and sampling supervisor Steve Landry. Their degree of commitment, their sense of humor and passion for the little critters in the bottom of the rivers is truly remarkable and inspiring. Thank you both for your hard work on behalf of the Upper Merrimack River.
—Trish Garrigan, US Environmental Protection Agency