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Columns and Articles
Of a Different Nature:Molt and bolt September 2013
Of a Different Nature:Fungus is among us August 2013
Of a Different Nature: High water and pollutants July 2013
Of a Different Nature: Emerald Ash Borers June 2013
Getting to Know the Birds June 2001

Bird Program, Internet Resources, and Fun Places
Nest Box Cam 2001
Project FeederWatch
NH Natural Heritage Inventory
Audubon Society of NH Bird Counts

Identification Guides
Eastern Birds, Roger Tory Peterson, Peterson Field Guides
Field Guide to the Birds of North America, National Geographic (Third Edition)
National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds: Eastern Region, John Bull et al
The Sibley Guide to Birds, David Allen Sibley
Stokes Field Guide to Birds: Eastern Region, Donald and Lillian Q. Stokes

Other bird books
The Birderís Handbook, a Field Guide to the Natural History of North American Birds, Paul R. Ehrlich, David S. Dobkin, and Darryl Wheye
Birds at Your Feeder, a Guide to Feeding Habits, Behavior, Distribution, and Abundance, Erica H. Dunn and Diane L. Tessaglia-Hymes
The FeederWatchers Guide to Bird Feeding, Margaret A. Barker and Jack Griggs

Bird Audio
Stokes Field Guide to Bird Songs : Eastern Region (Three CDs and 64-page booklet), Donald Stokes et al
Common Birds and Their Songs, (One CD and 127-page book), Lang Elliott and Marie Read